Beauty Boxes: Wantable October Accessories review

And now for something completely different!

I have been trying out a few beauty boxes lately and was offered a chance to review a relatively new company called Wantable. Their approach is unique since they give you a few different types of boxes to get. Currently the choices are Makeup, Accessories, Intimates, and a LE Halloween. It was such a hard decision to pick just ONE. But thought I would give the accessories box a shot for something different.

Items received:

Chana Earrings, Valencia Necklace, Alpha Earrings and Mariana Necklace. Combined stated value = $82.

My take:

Largely I liked the items in my October Wantable Accessories box. I will take issue with the stated value. While the items were stylish, the quality was varied.

Chana Earrings – 3 stars

Super cute gold hoops, and I WILL be wearing them, but the finish of the earring was not the best. The gold tone itself was nice, but the metal underneath was very warped looking from the mold used to create the earring. To me, these were a step below fashion jewelry that you find in a department store. I don’t expect them to hold up well and they seemed to lack a secure back that wouldn’t fly off the minute I do something silly like take off a scarf. I would pay maybe $5 max for these earrings. Stated value is $20.00.

Valencia Necklace – 2 stars

I’m having difficulty envisioning myself wearing this necklace. I think it looks cool in theory, but once on the little bent tubes can get upside down and the chains twisty. The tubes themselves have a questionable quality much like the Chana Earrings. The tubes are almost a stainless steel look and the chain is very shiny silver. I actually think I would like this necklace more if it were on a longer chain and wear it as a statement necklace. The shorter chain doesn’t do it for me. I would pay maybe $7 for the necklace. Stated value is $24.00.

Alpha Earrings – 4 stars

I don’t have a lot of stud earrings, but I do  need them! I thought the cylindrical backs on these were really nice. They have sort of a rubber inside that feels like it does a good job of holding your earring on. The shape of them are also unique to where you can’t tell they are triangles at some angles. The finish on the triangle part isn’t perfect. But its well hidden, so I gave it a higher marks than the Chana earrings. I will probably end up using the backs from these on those too. I think they are worth $10 but I’m a deal hunter 🙂 , stated value is $18.00.

Mariana Necklace – 4 stars

This was the best of the bunch. I’m digging the two toned and the double strand chains. TWO CHAINZ!!!! Sorry. The finish was a little rough on the hexagon (thank you, 8th grade geometry) no complaints on the triangle. The chains are two different gauges with an adjustable clasp. The length is decent. I wish they were a little closer together in length and it would be perfect. I can see myself wearing this a lot because it dresses up a tshirt without looking too overboard. I think the value for this would be as its stated $20.00

Bottom line:

For $36/month you can get a Wantable Accessories box. Even using the values that I would personally pay for the items, its still a deal. Not to mention the fun and anticipation there is in getting a surprise in the mail. You can also buy a one time box from their site for $40. I especially like the idea that you can try the other 3 types of boxes. I definitely see myself wearing most of these pieces, so I feel they got a good handle on what I like and my style.

Without further ado… my October Wantable Accessories box pictures!

October Wantable Accessories

Cute box. I like attention to detail.


All items were packed carefully with 3 layers of foam so things didn’t move around.

Packing slip with preferences

My box was based on these preferences. You are most likely to get the things you love, but never the things you dislike.

Chana Earrings

Chana Earrings – Gold toned, studded. ROCK N ROLL.

Chana Earrings

I liked the way these looked. I’ll be wearing them often. Pair with the whiskey and black leather of your choice.

Chana Earrings

Side view of the Chana Earrings.

Valencia Necklace

Valencia Necklace – silver multi layered necklace

Valencia Necklace

Although it looked interesting, I don’t know if its me or if I’ll actually wear this one.

Alpha Earrings

Alpha Earrings – geometric studs with a cylindrical back.

Alpha Earrings

Alpha Earrings – subtle, gold toned, would be great for ear hole #2 as well.

Alpha Earrings

Alpha Earrings – I liked the cylinder shaped back on these, felt very secure.

Mariana Necklace

Mariana Necklace – silver tone chaines with geometric shapes in gold tone.

Mariana Necklace

Mariana Necklace – Probably my favorite of the bunch, very on trend and versatile.

Disclosure: I received these items free in exchange for a review. All opinions stated are my own.


Indie: Kimberly Noel Cosmetics. Attraction, Bubblegum and Tidal Wave

An Indie cosmetics company from the Midwest, you say? I became acquainted with this line while digging around on Reddit’s r/indiemakeupandmore subreddit. I received some samples from Kimberly herself to review. Here’s the look I put together with the colors she sent.


First up is the pressed eyeshadow in Attraction. It’s a very pretty lilac purple that is sure to please lovers of frosty shades. It’s a very wearable daily color and I found the pigmentation, blend ability and wear to be right on par with any major brand. I do recommend using a primer (but I do that with all my shadows) to get the best color payoff and longest wear.


On my lid and inner corner I used a loose pink eyeshadow in bubblegum. This was an interesting color! You cannot tell from my picture, but it has a nice darker pink shimmer to it which isn’t noticeable when applied dry, but using a mixing medium like Ben Nye Liquiset or a primer will bring it on. I didn’t get much color payoff applying dry as it was quite powdery. But once a primer was used it was much easier to work with.

I’m not a huge fan of loose shadows in general for those reasons, but all in all  Bubblegum is a unique enough color that it will fit in nicely with my collection.


I’ve been getting into using gel liners, and was eager to try out Tidal Wave. The shade is a blackened blue. On application it was a bit sheer, and I was unsure if it would work for me. I then used an angle brush to tap more on and build it up around my eye, this seems to be the best method and I liked the color payoff.


If you are looking to try out an indie company, check out Kimberly Noel Cosmetics at

Disclosure: I received the above products for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Busy busy busy…

I have been severly neglecting my blogging. I have a few samples to review, some more looks done that are sitting on my computer to upload… lots of fun stuff! 

My freelancing has taken over most of my free time, but hopefully that will even out soon and I can get some new content posted here.

In the meantime, I’m also working on getting my domain up and running so stay tuned for more from Dish Makeup!

Makeup 101: Colour Theory & Make-up Artistry

Great write up about color theory and makeup by Tommy Beauty Pro.

Tommy Beauty Pro

With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. There is psychology behind colorsthey tell stories. By selecting the right color scheme, you can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility, or you can convey an image of playful youthfulness.


As a make-up artist, you are working with products, tools, colors, textures, shapes, and human faces (bone structure) all the time. Because you are an artist, you must have a good sense in coloring, so you can color match correctly & create the best color selection/scheme for your clients.

In this beauty blog post, you will learn some basics in color theory through the study of color wheel, to understand how colors can work effectively on your application as a make-up artist, and my make-up artist pro tips on how you can make the theory work effectively into the application.

The topics includes:

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Kevyn and Me: Dramatic



Hot damn, its drama time! When doing the tutorial the colors seem off from what’s pictured and what’s asked for. Jewel’s eyemakeup seems more gunmetal and black, whereas the description says it should be dark brown. So we did dark brown. What you’ll see here is a dark brown smokey eye. Let’s accept that and continue.

Just a bare canvas with a sweet turban.

Step 1: Conceal or maybe a tiny bit of foundation. Turban optional.

I figured everyone is sick of seeing my total bare faces. So this is concealed and a little bit of foundation. I’m trying to stay true to the instruction and not go full blown face makeup. But we all can’t have Jewel’s perfect skin. I have freckles and redness.

Step 2: Fill those brows!

Step 2: Fill those brows!

For my brows I used my trusty NYX brow kit. I like having a selection of shades to chose from and I used the darkest one here. FOR THE DRAMA!!

Step 3: Metallic dark brown eye shadow to the eyelid and under.

Step 3: Metallic dark brown eye shadow to the eyelid and under.

I pack that stuff on. I do use eye primer almost always, but I assume most people do so I don’t mention it. Use whichever one works the best for you to get that eye shadow to pop. Kevyn asks that you use dark brown metallic liquid eyeshadow. I don’t own that since I’m not a world class makeup artist in reality – just in my head.

Step 4: Apply black kohl eye pencil to the upper and lower waterline.

Step 4: Apply black kohl eye pencil to the upper and lower waterline. Smudge into the lashline.

Here I’m using a sephora kohl eye liner I picked up for maybe $3 on clearance. I bargain shop. But use whatever you like.

Close up of the drama

Close up of the drama

If I were doing this for a night out, I’d probably use something more waterproof. Everyone’s eyes are different, so use what works best for you! I pretty much will buy anything, but when it counts, waterproof all the way.

This is how I do my upper waterline. It's cute.

This is how I do my upper waterline. It’s cute.

After you are done yanking on your lids, make sure you smudge that stuff in.

Step 5:  Smudge more black eyeliner around you eye. I tried to tightline around my eye and smudge with a brush.

Step 5: Smudge more black eyeliner around your eye. I tried to tightline and smudge with a brush.

Step 6: Black mascara those lashes. Do falsies for xtra dramaz.

Step 6: Black mascara those lashes. Do falsies for xtra dramaz.

I always curl my lashes and use mascara. YOU CAN NEVER TELL. We aren’t going to argue about this. I could wear falsies but ain’t nobody got time for that. Do what makes you feel awesome.

Step 7: Line with neutral lip liner and fill with caramel lip gloss.

Step 7: Line with neutral lip liner and fill with caramel lip gloss.

You are done and drama filled. This look DID NOT call for blush. You know why? Because you are supposed to only be using concealer on your boo-boos. If you decided to break the rules and went ahead and used foundation, you’ll need to add a little blush or you’ll look like a dead person. If you want to look like a dead person, rock on. 


Review: Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Violet Storm




The packaging is what you would expect out of a creme eye shadow pot. Very similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows. Glass pot with a screw top.

P1040691 With Flash

P1040692Without flash

The formula is build-able and has a grey/purple sheen to it.


The above photo is with a flash. I was able to wear this all day. I applied the color using Mary Kay’s cream eye shadow/concealer brush which I love, by the way! I’m going to start using it with my Color Tattoo shades since it makes application a breeze. You are able to blend this easily when its still wet. Once it’s set though, you are good for the day.


For my final look I blended the Violet Storm color in with a medium matte brown eye-shadow. This purple is a great shade for every day. You could pair it with black or charcoal eye at night for a dramatic smokey eye. If you are on the fence about trying Mary Kay Cream Eye color – don’t hesitate. I never thought Mary Kay had products that I could see myself using. This proved me wrong. Good job Mary Kay!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Kevyn and Me: Shimmer


Shimmer me timbers!

Let me start out by saying I have a shit camera. I apologize for the cruddy quality of these pictures. I’m trying to learn how to work with it, but I can see I’m going to have to create some sort of lighting situation to get better pictures of these looks for you.

For this shimmer tutorial, I can’t really see all the shimmer on my face. That’s actually ok though because I wore this outside in daylight and didn’t look like a disco ball. I also used products I had on hand because who has fancy shimmer lotion anymore? The 1997 version of me did. But I threw that out with my baby doll tees.

No makeup, bad lighting. Perfect!

Bad hair day and a clean face.

I tried to wrap my head around when you would use this look. Summertime? Maybe – but I usually get this shiny out in the humidity that I really don’t need help in that department. It would be great for a woodland fairy type deal for a party or Halloween. As I mentioned, it wasn’t THAT noticeable that I was all shimmered out, but it all depends on the shimmer content of the lotion you use, I guess.

Step 1: Shimmer lotion errywhere. I concealed before I applied it.

Step 1 & 2: Shimmer lotion errywhere. I concealed before I applied it.

I had some oooold ass Revlon shimmer stick of some kind. Its kind of creamy gold colored. I mixed it with a little foundation and lotion and kinda just made my own shimmer lotion. CRAFTY!

Step 2: Apply liquid pink blush to the cheeks/temples.

Step 2: Apply liquid pink blush to the cheeks/temples.

My favorite liquid blush (Its the only I have tried) is e.l.f. HD blush. I love it.

Step 4: Dark brown eye pencil applied to the upper lashes, smudged in.

Step 4: Dark brown eye pencil applied to the upper lashes, smudged in.

I used a dark brown eyeliner – waterproof because I have terribly oily lids. I already applied it in the above picture and was smudging it using a detail brush.

Step 5: Burgundy eyeshadow applied in a circle on around the eye and on the lid. Blend out into nothingness.  Step 6: Shimmery beige to the browbone blended in.

Step 5: Burgundy eye shadow applied around the eye and on the lid. Blend out into nothingness.
Step 6: Shimmery beige to the brow bone blended in.

The instruction called for a burgundy creme eye shadow. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! So I used a burgundy shade from one of my many nude palettes. They almost all have one that will work. I blended the poop out of it with my blending brush.

Step 7: Black Mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Commence Crazy Face.

Step 7: Black Mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Commence Crazy Face.

Once again, I’m fudging products here. It called for black mascara on the top and burgundy mascara on the bottom. I have never, in  my life, found burgundy mascara. If this exists, please let me know. I’m assuming its yet another 1997 relic. Or for super fancy people.

Step 8 & 9: Line and fill in the lips with a neutral liner.  Use a shimmery pink lip gloss over.

Step 8 & 9: Line and fill in the lips with a neutral liner. Use a shimmery pink lip gloss over.

I feel like I’ve been doing soooooo many neutral lips lately. That’s fine. I’m learning that I might want to upgrade my lip liner and find one that is a little closer to my lip color. But use whatever shade of neutral you like. After you have filled in your lips go over it with a shimmery pink gloss.


Done and Done.

Done and Done.

The top picture looks like brown lips to me. The bottom doesn’t. I don’t know why. I think you run the risk of looking too brown if the lip liner is too dark. That’s my problem. I won’t sleep well tonight.