How To: Use a stipple brush to apply foundation

One of my latest greatest discoveries for getting a flawless foundation finish is using a stipple brush. e.l.f. makes a great and CHEAP stipple brush you can buy if you want to try this out. Here’s the one I used: e.l.f. stipple brush

Here's to hormones!
Helloooooo hormonal acne!

I’ll be using MAC Mineralize liquid foundation in NC15. I like to apply it to my hand when I’m doing my own. If you apply to a client you can use a palette.

MAC Mineralize NC15, is a light to medium coverage.

MAC Mineralize NC15, light to medium coverage.

Then stipple! I stipple on my hand and use the same motion to stipple on my face. This causes little brush strokes that over lap each other.

Loading the brush.

Loading the brush.

Apply to face.

Apply to face.

Keep doing that until your face is covered. If you have more redness you can always add more foundation and go back over an area.  I have an uneven skin tone due to blemishes and freckles but because I like a sheerer coverage. I only apply once  and then add concealer as needed.

Finished foundation only face.

Finished foundation only face.

As you can see I still have some trouble spots after only applying foundation. But overall my skin tone is more even. I’ll go over concealing coming up.

Easy peasy, right? Have you tried this method before?


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