How to: Concealer

Finished foundation only face.

Finished foundation only face.

My foundation steps can be found in this post. As you can tell in the picture above. I still have noticeable blemishes on my chin, below my nose and random spots.

I’m currently using Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
in SC-1 although I think now that summer is here SC-2 would be better.

Sorry for the flash, but there is concealer on my hand.

Sorry for the flash, there is concealer on my hand!

I apply it to my hand to warm up the concealer, then I used Tarte’s concealer brush to pick up some of the color to apply to my face. Using light strokes I apply it to all the trouble areas.



I tend to have visible capillaries around my nostrils and since my skin is sort of translucent, I also apply some to my eyelids if I’m not doing a ton of eye work.

Concealer Nose!!!

Concealer Nose!!!

You can also apply to the tops of your lips (the cupid’s bow) and the bottom along the lip line to create the appearance of a more voluptuous lip… you know, like a porn star! But way classier, because we classy.

Set it and forget it.

Set it and forget it.

Follow up with your favorite face powder to set your foundation and concealer. I put this on my face by rolling or lightly pressing it to my skin. I’m not using it like you would expect as I don’t want to rub off all my foundation. Some may choose to use a poof, whatever works!


Bitch, I’m flawless


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